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What skills, experience, and talent does your organization need to make the most out of its digital transformation?

1. Our leadership demonstrates a clear understanding of digital strategy, its value to inform decisions, and its potential impact on the organization.
2. The skills, competencies, and experience of our workforce are currently well-suited for digital transformation, enablement, and adoption in our organization.
3. Our digital transformation vision is well-aligned with our organization’s overall goals and objectives.
4. There is an accountable and effective team to identify and address any barriers toward digital adoption across our organization.


How should a digital transformation alter how work gets done and how information flows within your organization?

1. Processes are well-documented and process mapping is clearly defined and communicated across all respective levels within our organization.
2. Regular assessments are conducted on our existing processes, focusing on relevant functions and pinpointing any gaps, bottlenecks, or inefficiencies that might impede operational effectiveness.
3. Operational optimization goals are set periodically, and a clearly defined plan exists that prioritizes improvement initiatives.
4. New processes are planned, tested, and optimized before implementation. After new processes are fully implemented, our organization monitors and measures the results against established benchmarks, leading practices, and industry metrics.


What investments are needed in new technology and how will the upgrades integrate with other systems?

1. Our current technological infrastructure adequately aligns with the current (and potential future) needs of our operations. Our technological infrastructure is supported and maintained effectively to service and enable our organization’s objectives.
2. Our organization’s digital tools and platforms (e.g., customer relationship, project management, planning and design, budgeting and forecasting, field services, accounting and payroll, etc.) allow us to make quick and informed decisions based on timely, accurate, and complete data.
3. We leverage a disciplined and objective process and criteria for effective decision-making. This allows us to assess options and understand implications to guide, prioritize, and optimize our digital investments.
4. Maturing digital enablement and adoption across our organization is a strategic goal in support of our organizational vision, objectives, and outcomes.


How will you ensure these changes are measured, managed, optimized, and supported over the longer term?

1. Our organization has a well-defined structure, process, and approach for managing, supporting, and prioritizing digital initiatives.
2. We regularly reassess the impact, risk, and value of our digital projects to adapt, pivot, and realign these projects to organizational priorities.
3. We have identified and clearly defined industry-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the success and impact of our digital initiatives.
4. We effectively plan, manage, and allocate our resources (i.e., financial, people, technology) to optimize strategic and operational efficiency and alignment.

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