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Minimize threats and proactively protect your most valuable assets.

As one of the leading challenges the world is facing today, cyber threats are an unavoidable risk. A reactive blanket approach to cyber security and privacy is no longer viable – you need to be proactive and prepared. As you move to capitalize on new technologies, platforms, and innovations to deliver results, you also need to ensure that you build and maintain customer trust through the elevation of your cyber capabilities.

Our team will work with you to set a security and privacy baseline, identify your top threats, and define resilience tactics to effectively future-proof your organization.

We provide tailored cyber security and privacy strategies that put you in control while keeping your organization secure. Because waiting to protect your most valuable assets isn’t an option anymore.

What we do

Security Architecture

Put your strategy into action to keep your systems running efficiently, while ensuring the level of protection you need to withstand a cyber attack. With an understanding of your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities, our team crafts a customized cyber security protection strategy, helping you select and deploy a range of tools to protect you in the near and long term. Once everything is place, we transfer knowledge to your team to operate this new security infrastructure. From there, we work with you to put a plan in place to manage that risk leveraging partner security platforms like Check Point and Vectra.

Core Capabilities:

  • Core cyber security technologies
  • Identity and access management
  • Microsoft cyber technologies
  • Security architecture strategies and design
  • Cyber technology managed services

Risk Management

Set a security baseline for your organization and build an effective cyber program by starting with an understanding of your unique risks. Our team assesses your vulnerability level based on what threats are acting against you, your industry sector, and the strength of your current security controls. We then focus on the monetary impacts to your organization and its people, not solely the likelihood of a breach occurring, so that you can understand how critical each scenario is.

Core Capabilities:

  • Compliance programs such as PCI and Interac
  • Cyber risk assessment based on industry frameworks (NIST, CIS, ISO, etc.)
  • Risk management strategies
  • Third-party supply chain/Vendor management strategies
  • Program metrics and reporting
  • Cyber risk managed services

Privacy & Data Protection

Build, operate, and maintain a robust and effective privacy program. Our team brings industry insight and expertise, empowering you with technologies and tools to not only meet the challenge of privacy management and compliance and reduce risks, but also enable your organization and amplify innovation. By maturing your approach to governing privacy and data use, you will be able to build trust and greater value for your customers.

Core Capabilities:

  • Data protection and privacy strategy, program design, and transformation
  • Privacy program maturity assessments
  • Regulatory readiness assessments
  • Privacy program remediation
  • Privacy managed services

Offensive Security

Test your organization’s resiliency to being attacked in real-time to better understand your areas that require additional fortification. We test your systems, people, networks(internal /external / wireless)— and applications. We then identify your vulnerabilities, provide detailed remediation recommendations, and work with you to close those gaps.

Core Capabilities:

  • Red teaming
  • Social engineering resiliency testing
  • Penetration testing for: Network, applications, mobile, and wireless
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Offensive security managed services

Incident Management

In case of a breach, we activate immediately with our 24×7 responders and help you navigate the entire process. We also assist with the development of an incident response plan, enabling you to take the necessary steps to ensure your organization survives with minimal financial and reputational damage. Our Cyber Incident Response team outlines your legal, regulatory, compliance, and communications strategy, and can work with you to create a crisis management plan which kicks in as soon as a breach is identified by AI-powered threat detection platforms.

Core Capabilities:

  • Cyber incident response preparedness
  • Cyber incident response
  • Automated penetration testing
  • Threat intelligence and info sharing
  • Incident response managed services

Cyber (SOC) Managed Services

Backed by our Security Operation Center, we offer complete cyber security managed services. From threat detection and incident management to infrastructure support, our team augments your internal capabilities, wrapping your organization in professional protection. Without needing to invest in standing up your own SOC, our experts actively monitor your organization for threats, manage fallout from a breach, and offer proactive planning to optimize your operations.

Want to learn more about our Managed Services? See how else we can enhance your organization through our Managed IT Services.

Core Capabilities:

  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Canadian team with clearances
  • Proactive advice and strategies
  • vCISO programs
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