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Integrated solutions for complex business challenges.

Public and private sector organizations are increasingly rethinking their futures. Many are shifting away from incremental changes and making investments to purposefully transform their companies to remain relevant and capture new opportunities. But that change can have a larger internal impact than expected and often requires careful consideration to get the strongest return on investment.

Whether you’re just setting off on your transformation journey, or your current initiative isn’t taking you where you want to go, our expert team has in-depth experience and knowledge across a range of industries to lead a full-cycle transformation. Regardless of the size of your transformation, we’re able to guide, empower, and assist your team when they need it most.

What we do

Integrated Solution Delivery

Your organization has specific needs and strategic outcomes it wants to achieve through transformation. Based on the findings of our initial assessment, our team integrates with other relevant subject matter experts within MNP for joint engagement delivery. This guarantees you have the right people based on your requirements. Engagements include strategy evaluation, service delivery review, operating model design, business casing, technology assessment, vendor selection, process optimization, market research and peer comparisons, and culture and change management.

Transformation Health & Readiness

Better understand how prepared you are for what’s to come with a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s enterprise transformation progress. The evaluation covers all key domains of a transformation – setup, program governance, business objectives, and intended benefit realization – to frame key interdependencies, improvement opportunities, specify potential risks/issues, and develop mitigation strategies. It’s critical to be prepared for what comes next.

Operating Model Design & Implementation

At the core of every organization is its operating strategy and framework, relevant to its goals and objectives. Designed to help you reach the target state you have for your operating model, our team’s assessment and implementation encompasses several key elements, including people and skillsets, processes and workflows, functions and capabilities, organizational structures, governance and accountabilities, enabling technologies, and metrics and KPIs.

Enterprise Strategy & Roadmap

Knowing where you’re going before you start your transformation ensures you have strategic direction every step of the way. We collaborate with you to design your roadmap, focused on achieving alignment for your enterprise-level strategy across functional areas. With an emphasis on pragmatism and right-sizing for your organization’s needs, this strategy will provide detailed initiative definitions, prioritization, critical path mapping, benefit realization, business cases, and specific execution-level support as required.

Transformation Office Management & Oversight

Enable your team to reach their greatest potential through the oversight of your enterprise transformation programs, like business and digital modernizations, multi-functional consolidations, operation and process improvements, and mergers and integrations. Through our proven process, we augment traditional program management rigor with leading transformation practices and deliver key insights/implications, frame go-forward decisions, specify project interdependencies, determine risks or issues, and develop mitigation strategies.

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Caitlin Crowley, MNP Digital Partner

Caitlin Crowley

Partner, Enterprise Transformation
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Sean Devin

Managing Partner, MNP Digital
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Denise Gigova

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