MNP + Vectra

AI-driven threat detection and response for your most valuable assets.

Continuous detection and analysis are critical to stopping breaches. Today’s network traffic has evolved beyond just enterprise to include data centers, IoT devices, cloud-based applications, and infrastructure. Vectra’s Cognito Platform for network detection and response (NDR) focuses completely on detecting and responding to attacks inside cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks. Our experts leverage Vectra’s cutting-edge technology to find and stop those attacks early and with confidence, so that you can run your organization with complete certainty.


  • First Canadian Vectra Authorized MSSP Partner
  • Full visibility for on-prem and cloud
  • Open platform that takes an API-first approach
  • Supported deployments in Azure and AWS

“Our mission is to make the world a safer and fairer place. We see this through the lens of what Vectra does and also through the lens of what our customers do in the communities that they serve.”

Hitesh Sheth, President and CEO, Vectra AI

Why Vectra?

By combining our expertise with Vectra’s platform, we provide a reliable way to detect hidden attacks and respond instantly to stop in-progress threats from becoming a data breach. With Vectra we proactively hunt for evasive threats, augment your existing security investments, keep up with the changing threat landscape, and offer exceptional scale across cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks.

Efficient security

Vectra provides a 100% decrease in time to respond and makes sure that your analysts are working on the right incidents at the right time. And because it enriches your data by concurrently pairing security and data science, it’s constantly improving its efficiency.

  • Improves your signal-to-noise ratio
  • Enables efficient hunting and response
  • Prioritizes hosts and accounts that need immediate attention

Secure the cloud

Gain organizational confidence with greater visibility and security posture across your cloud footprint. By pairing Vectra with Microsoft Azure and other clouds in your environment, you will be able to amplify your security efforts, providing complete coverage across all your investments.

  • Visibility into Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud applications
  • Natively deploys in the public cloud
  • Integrates seamlessly across security stack

Meaningful and contextual AI

Vectra’s AI capabilities provide the value of detecting, clustering, prioritizing, and anticipating hidden attacks that are beyond the abilities of humans. The objective is to automatically find, triage, and classify attacks in cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks while reducing human effort so analysts can focus on threat hunting and incident investigations. Leveraging data sets from Vectra’s security research team as well as external sources, data scientists have developed the machine learning and behavioral analysis behind the AI.

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MNP leverages cloud platforms to implement technology solutions for our clients at scale. As a Microsoft Partner, our teams support the migration of critical business applications and databases to the Azure cloud platform. We are thrilled to have our cyber security partner Vectra’s software solutions available to our clients in the Azure Marketplace.

– Eugene Ng, Partner, Cyber Security Architecture & Managed Services Lead

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