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Simplify your IT operations and focus on what you do best.

At MNP Digital, we believe technology can be a strategic advantage for any organization – but only when it isn’t taking the focus away from your core business. Whether your goals are growth, diversification, efficiency, restructuring, or impact mitigation, MNP Digital’s Managed IT Services team can provide the ongoing support you need.

Our expert team specializes in working with organizations that require enhanced technical maturity and best practice assistance in their day-to-day operations. We do this by acting as your IT department or by augmenting existing teams of all sizes, providing instant flexibility, scale, and guidance for our clients.

Optimizing your technology is no longer an option for high-performing organizations, it’s expected.

What we do

IT Support & Service Desk

Gain access to a group of dedicated, experienced technicians that act as a single point of contact for all incident and support requests. Our team will become experts in your infrastructure, helping you deliver efficient, timely solutions. Able to provide advanced coverage hours for emergency services, our team is at the ready day and night.

Core Capabilities:

  • ITIL-based technical team
  • Available 24×7, 365 days per year
  • Local team offers remote assistance and service calls
  • Explicit focus on customer service and satisfaction
  • Certifications in core technologies

Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Many of the tools and technologies used daily rely on a complex set of networks, servers, storage, and applications – and those key systems need to run seamlessly. Our custom alerting and automation solutions monitor and react to infrastructure anomalies, benefiting from either automated remediation or a proactive response from our service technicians.

Core Capabilities:

  • Management of networks, storage, and compute infrastructure
  • Advanced monitoring and early issue detection
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Proprietary automation solutions
  • Seamless experience via integration to Service Desk

Infrastructure Projects

Our team of expert infrastructure project personnel are well positioned to take on key technology implementations, replacements, or upgrades of all sizes. Certified based on industry best practices for project management, we will work with you directly to make sure your projects deploy on time and on budget.

When more in-depth specialty solutions are required, such as ERP or CRM implementation projects, we have expert services available which can easily integrate into your managed IT services.

Core Capabilities:

  • Enterprise requirements and architecture services
  • Installation, implementation, upgrade, and advisory services
  • Access to MNP’s service niches and subject matter experts
  • Integrated governance programs
  • Certified project management professionals

Security Management

Security is more important than ever, and the need to “work from anywhere” has continued to increase demand on protecting staff’s identities. Our service places a specific focus on your organization’s primary security components such as firewalls, user privileges, remote users, and staff awareness.

When advanced security services are required, such as security incident and event management, threat response, or program compliance, we have additional expert cyber security and privacy services available.

Core Capabilities:

  • Protection from unauthorized user access
  • User safeguards through endpoint protection services
  • Management of security information and events
  • Security device backup and update programs
  • Risk assessments, maturity reviews, and awareness training

Application Management

Get ongoing, professional support for your applications throughout their complete lifecycle. We have developed and refined a proven framework for guiding the processes required for managing and maintaining your custom and out-of-the-box applications, regardless if they’re cloud-enabled or stored on-premises. And with our complete infrastructure management services, you won’t have any gaps in your organization’s operations, oversight, or governance.

Core Capabilities:

  • Targeted knowledge base programs
  • Customizable level 1, 2, and/or 3 support services
  • Update and lifecycle management programs
  • Packaging and distribution services
  • DevOps aligned continuous delivery services

Cloud Management

You’ve migrated your workloads to the cloud, but maintaining the infrastructure, optimizing the processes, and overseeing your security efforts have become an unmanageable set of tasks for your internal team. We’re here to help, with a full team of cloud management professionals that ensure your cloud setup is consistently optimized, helping you achieve your organization’s strategic IT goals. With the ability to scale in parallel to your cloud growth, we make sure you stay agile and performance stays high.

Core Capabilities:

  • Cloud environment management and governance
  • Private, public, and co-located cloud hosting services
  • Infrastructure and platform as a service offerings
  • Customized cloud monitoring and maintenance programs
  • Certified cloud architects and support personnel

Digital Workplace

Facilitate smoother operations and interaction with the right collaboration platforms. We help you power your people, process, and technology with Microsoft Modern Workplace, Office 365, and Teams to enable a more resilient and effective organization using office automation, coordination, and information management solutions. With the option to bring your own devices, we implement your cloud-based tools to manage workflow, interactions, and documentation so that your people always have what they need to succeed.

Procurement & Lifecycle Management

Inevitably, all technology components need to be replaced or updated. Our full-service procurement team can help plan and implement technology replacement programs designed to ensure that your hardware and software is always kept current and that you’re getting the most value for your investment.

Our strategic vendor partnerships ensure you gain the purchasing power of our national customer base, while complex vendor subscription, warranty, and licensing programs are proactively managed to ease budgeting and expense management.

Core Capabilities:

  • Best in class partner programs and levels
  • Certified enterprise presales and configuration services
  • Formal subscription and licensing management programs
  • Local hardware and warranty repair depot
  • Fleet refresh and replacement programs (“IMAC”)
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