MNP + Sitecore

Elevate your brand, enable commerce, and build memorable connections with your customers.

Certified experts in customer experience management.

At MNP Digital, we create and manage connected brand and commerce experiences on the Sitecore platform – designed to nurture engagement and increase conversions. We help our clients deliver personalized digital experiences through sound strategy, data-directed creativity, and the right approach to implementation.

Pairing Sitecore Experience Platform’s real-time personalization, marketing automation, and CMS with our expertise guarantees strong, measurable results.


  • Digital strategy and solution recommendations
  • User experience design and information architecture
  • Development and implementation
  • Long-term support, maintenance, and training
  • Platform features and capabilities upgrades

We build meaningful user experiences resulting in deeper, lasting relationships as Experience Platform experts.

Drive personalized engagement and results

Sitecore allows for scalable and secure solutions that speed up your time to market and allow for quick, reliable experience builds that provide real-time data and deep user insights allowing for more informed decisions. Our certified experts will guide you through the process and give you the tools you need to succeed now and long-term.

We will provide you with an in-depth Sitecore implementation roadmap customized to your capabilities and goals, best practices for managing Sitecore, and specialized training for your internal team.

Reimagine your omnichannel approach

Remove silos and manage your content with confidence. We will help you migrate your current content, segment your customers, and leverage Sitecore’s AI Auto-Personalization to deliver digital experiences that resonate across all channels and devices. Sitecore’s platform allows for clarity around your efforts now and allows you to plot a clear path forward – and our certified experts will set your team up to accomplish both.

Amplify your commerce capabilities

Users today expect online shopping to anticipate their wants and needs in real-time. We can help you maximize your Sitecore investment by leveraging the latest e-commerce features and innovations to ensure you’re always ahead of the curve. You will be able to better understand how users interact with your content, design tailormade solutions, and implement them quickly and efficiently.


Continuous optimization

Acting as a single content management source, Sitecore offers native analytics, as well as testing, optimization, and machine learning functionality – and we will help you capitalize on all of it. Develop, maintain, and future-proof your digital presence, all while engaging your audiences like you have never been able to before.

As your partner, we provide long-term support and training, helping you understand and interpret customer journey data, and recommend upgrades based on your specific requirements.

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Memorable customer experiences require creativity and technology expertise without exception. 

– Salima Moosa, Partner, MNP Digital

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