Looking to leverage GenAI to accelerate innovation within your organization?

This new IDC analyst brief, sponsored by MNP Digital, outlines how disruptive GenAI has become and how industry leaders are using it to transform their software development lifecycle.

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The power of low-code application development is clear – but with the added capabilities generative AI provides, organizations are leveling up in ways never thought possible.

It’s not just IT roles that are benefitting from this either. Non-technical employees are also leading the charge towards more these AI-infused application development platforms. But there are serious considerations to take into account when implementing these tools – and knowing what they are is key to your success.

The Leveraging GenAI to accelerate digital innovation analyst brief covers:

  • An overview of the current technology landscape
  • The benefits of GenAI for software development
  • General considerations when implementing GenAI
  • Market trends over the next 18 months
  • Where you should go from here

Don’t wait to learn what your next steps are. Your competitors are already moving on this once-in-a-generation opportunity to leverage GenAI to rapidly accelerate the way they’re employing low-code app development and automation.

IDC low-code GenAI report

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