Citizen App Building 101: Everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft Power Platform

Break down your IT bottlenecks and empower your people to create a more seamless and streamlined organization.

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Custom apps are fast becoming a fixture for organizations seeking clearer communication, better visibility, and greater operational efficiency. But this development boom comes at a cost, with overburdened IT teams leading to slow rollouts and lost opportunities.

Microsoft Power Platform can help you keep up with the demand by putting development capabilities in the hands of citizen developers. Because this robust low- to no-code tool comes with your existing Microsoft license, you could simply hit the ground running right away.

Get the best of both worlds

Our e-book delivers everything your people need to develop robust and highly functional and secure applications with Microsoft Power Platform.

You’ll learn:

  • How Microsoft Power Platform works and how it can benefit your organization
  • How to build a robust governance framework to ensure your apps deliver maximum value
  • How to maintain quality and consistency among citizen developers through the Microsoft Centre of Excellence
Citizen App Building 101

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