Talking digital transformation with Lisa Prentiss

MNP’s Lisa Prentiss joins The Business Owner Playbook podcast to discuss what we mean by “digital transformation” and how it has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We live and operate businesses in a digital world today. To achieve their goals and get ahead, organizations—small and large alike—have to adapt and transform. As leaders plan the future of their organizations, they have to keep the critical role of technology in mind. While this evolution was inevitable, the pandemic has accelerated the pace at which organizations look to adapt and transform their businesses digitally.

There is no standard approach or solution for a digital transformation. It looks different for each organization, and depends on their specific situation and goals. Change could mean improving online presence, modernizing systems, increasing efficiency or delivering products and services in new ways, amongst other imperatives. It’s important to not think of it as just a technology purchase, but an organizational change.

Throughout the podcast, Lisa discusses some underlying factors that can be common across successful transformations, including:

  • A leader who is supportive and focused on the change
  • Clearly outlined business goals and strategy
  • Focus on creating meaningful experiences for customers and employees
  • Ensuring the change is not just technological, but is also embedded in people and processes

Click here to listen to the podcast and learn more about digital transformations with Lisa Prentiss, Senior Digital Strategist at MNP.

Note: This podcast was originally produced by John Hastings of RBC Wealth Management and has been republished here with permission.