Adriana Gliga-Belavic named Canadian Women in Cybersecurity Woman of the Year

Adriana Gliga-Belavic, Partner in MNP’s Cyber Security & Privacy services, is being celebrated with siberX ’s Canadian Women in Cybersecurity Woman of the Year Award for 2021. Presented globally to women who exemplify leadership and inspiration in the cyber security world, Adriana was selected for her 20+ years acting as a catalyst to help women everywhere break through the glass ceiling.

Having been previously recognized as one of IT World Canada’s Top 20 Canadian Women in Cyber Security in 2020, Adriana’s accolades continue to grow. And honestly, no one is more deserving. A thought leader, advisor, and mentor to many across Canada, she is paving the way for others to follow in her footsteps by championing initiatives like Women in Cyber and regularly speaking at security and privacy conferences internationally.

Presented for the first time in 2021, siberX’s Canadian Women in Cybersecurity Woman of the Year Award is given to an individual that represents a strong, innovative mindset and who has navigated “the new normal” in a way that has inspired others. This award was officially presented to Adriana at the Canadian Women in Cybersecurity event on March 12, 2021.

I am very honoured to be recognized at this amazing event, Canadian Women in Cybersecurity, by my peers. Thank you to those that nominated me and those that over the years supported and believed in me.

Adriana Gliga-Belavic

Adriana Gliga-Belavic
MNP Partner, Cyber Security and Privacy

With more than two decades in the enterprise and financial world, Adriana is known around the world for her strategic work and the security and privacy programs she has spearheaded. She has become one of most trusted voices in this space, working directly with senior executives in both the public and private sector across a broad range of industries to help them navigate the complexities of digital security and privacy.

Adriana earned a Master of Applied Science (MASc) in electrical and electronics engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from York University. She is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), and a qualified Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP). She utilizes her expansive experience to educate and motivate people from all walks of life, building up the next generation of women in the cyber security and privacy field.

“I want to help create role models for women in this industry.” Says Adriana. “If you can see that a career in cyber security and privacy is possible, it becomes more attainable. If I can do it, so can you.” She continues “It’s also important that we’re building a network for women everywhere so that we can support them as they advance in their careers.”

Adriana will continue to bring awareness to the importance of diversity in the cyber security workforce as well as help shape the technology industry globally.

“Thank you siberX for creating this platform for women’s voices to be amplified, for us to share our stories and inspire the next generation of leaders. I am privileged to be part of this movement and be able to pay it forward.” Says Adriana.

MNP is proud to have Adriana as a driving force in our technology solutions practice. She works tirelessly to lead initiatives for women everywhere and this award is exceptionally well deserved. Congratulations, Adriana!