"Client feedback gives back" to Poundmaker's Lodge

September 25, 2023

"Client feedback gives back" to Poundmaker's Lodge

September 25, 2023

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Giving back to the communities we live and work in is one of MNP’s core values. Recognizing the incredible work of the many non-profit organizations across Canada is an opportunity we cherish and actively look to continue which is why we developed the “Client feedback gives back” program.

Since 1973, Poundmaker’s Lodge has been changing the lives of hundreds of Canadians in need of substance use disorder treatment.

Open to people from all walks of life, Poundmaker’s Lodge has been a national and global leader in addictions treatment, in their combination 12-Step, abstinence-based recovery, and Indigenous holistic treatment experience that focuses on the root of addiction and empowering clients in their recovery.

MNP Partner John McLaughlin says having Poundmaker’s Lodge as a client for the last 10 years has opened his eyes to the incredible work they do for the people of Alberta and beyond.

“We saw an organization that’s growing and making a big impact on their community – we see it in their day-to-day operations,” he says. “For me, it was a way we could make a small difference by offering support for a very worthy cause.”

Moving forward, twice a year, MNP Digital will select a non-profit organization, and for every client satisfaction survey submission received we will donate $1 to their cause. This program is being called the “Client feedback gives back” program.

These short surveys sent out on every support ticket the Managed IT Services team resolves go a long way to ensuring excellent client support and gives the team a chance to support an outstanding community non-profit in the process.

“We started this initiative to be able to give back,” says MNP Client Experience Manager, Chris Ippolito. “The idea was to gather more feedback from our clients to improve our service, but we found a great way to incentivize feedback was to offer a donation to a non-profit which has turned into a win-win.”

MNP Digital’s Managed IT Services Team is optimistic that this initiative will continue to grow, enabling the fundraising impact to go further for additional deserving charities in the future.

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Visit Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centres’ website for information.