MNP announces refreshed technology service offering, MNP Digital

MNP is excited to announce our Technology Solutions service has been re-branded as MNP Digital. This is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to help organizations navigate disruption, seize opportunities, and meet the demands of a post-pandemic Canada.

Along with the name change, we have also restructured our suite of services to better reflect our capabilities and unique approach to helping our clients in the technology consulting and digital advisory space.

“Technology consulting has been a core focus at MNP for more than 10 years,” says Sean Devin, National Leader of MNP’s Digital practice. “A lot has changed since we introduced this service, both in terms of our story and the ways technology impacts all areas of business.”

MNP has always sought to help organizations reduce costs, mitigate risks, empower people, and generate incredible outcomes through the strategic use of technology. Our team has worked with a range of clients at various stages in their technology journey from owner-managed businesses, to non-profit organizations, large enterprises, and all levels of government.

This experience has led to mergers with several recognized leaders in the Canadian technology ecosystem, and ultimately helps MNP offer clients one of the nation’s largest and most specialized digital advisory teams. The firms that have joined MNP over the past few years — and more specifically the people — each bring specific skills and perspectives our clients need to navigate the path ahead.

“Growth has always been the outcome, rather than the objective,” says Devin. “Our focus has always been to build the resources Canadian businesses need to be their best no matter what they do or where they’re located.”

Building for the future

Digital technologies are a strategic and operational driver in every industry today. Increasingly, digital capabilities, or a lack thereof, are widening the gap between the most and least successful organizations.

“We see technology as both a great enabler and a great equalizer. Business leaders used to say they couldn’t afford to adopt or improve their digital capabilities. These days, they can’t afford not to — our purpose is to help them see what’s possible and how to create the competitive advantage they’re looking for.”

– Sean Devin, MNP Digital National Leader

MNP’s Digital practice includes seven distinct service pillars which reflect areas where the firm has significant expertise, and where we see Canadian enterprises getting the greatest value and performance from technology.

  • Digital Advisory focuses on the strategic potential of technology and how organizations can align people, processes, and digital tools to create and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Applied Data & Analytics helps organizations leverage the latest platforms and approaches to generate meaningful insights and make informed business decisions.
  • Application Development uses the latest approaches — including automation, AI, and machine learning — to create and modernize tailored enterprise, mobile, and internet of things applications.
  • Digital Platforms helps organizations rethink old business models and processes to create more seamless, intuitive, and informative user experiences for both customers and employees.
  • Cyber Security & Privacy helps organizations mitigate and manage technology risk, protect their sensitive data, and respond quickly and confidently in the event of a breach.
  • Cloud Services supports digital transformation initiatives by helping organizations source and integrate cost-effective solutions that reduce risk, modernize infrastructure, and enable a truly virtual workspace.
  • Managed IT Services offers organizations the option to augment or fully outsource their technology needs — ensuring they get the greatest value for money and can focus on scaling their core business.

“Whether a client is an owner-managed business or a large enterprise, each service pillar offers powerful options to build capacity and deliver the most value for their organization,” says Devin.

An advisor for the digital-first economy

COVID-19 greatly accelerated the technology curve and forced most, if not all, organizations to re-consider their business models and transformation plans. Some were fortunate to be in a position where they could enhance and add to existing infrastructure. Others had to grapple with hurried or long delayed transformations.

Devin says the lessons learned since early 2020 have helped shape and crystalize the need to augment these services for clients.

“The pandemic was a big wakeup call for business leaders around the world. Digital transformation isn’t something on the horizon and it isn’t exclusive to any single industry, size, or sector. Organizations that aren’t powered by a digital engine are quickly going to find it difficult to keep pace in a rapidly changing world,” says Devin.

Across the firm, MNP’s advisors are driven by the desire to help organizations create value and push the limits of their potential. That means breaking through the complexity and providing industry-leading tools that meet clients where they are and can evolve, wherever business takes them.

“There is no one-size-fits all approach to technology – and we believe technology should be an investment, not an expense,” says Devin. “What works for one client won’t necessarily be right for another, even though they’re a similar size and industry. We have advisors across the country who understand not only the technical side of things, but also the business, social, and economic context.”

Our guiding focus through the introduction of MNP Digital has been to build a structure that prioritizes collaboration and ensures our team of advisors are addressing the right challenges for their clients, providing the right advice, and delivering scalable, value-oriented solutions.

Interested in learning more about MNP Digital and the services we offer? Reach out to us directly.

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