Academic and Research Hospital

Series of cyber security Maturity Threat Assessments results in improved healthcare service for leading research hospital.

Wanting to ensure they were improving their cyber security posture, this leading academic and research hospital engaged MNP in 2015 to conduct a series of three Maturity and Threat Analyses.

The Challenge

Healthcare institutions face several unique challenges when it comes to cyber security, ranging from an increasing number of attempted and successful attacks in recent years, storing a wide breadth of sensitive personal information – both patient and employee – and the relative lack of available resources for incumbents in the healthcare field to invest in shoring up their cyber security defences.

The nature of the client’s operations, the constantly shifting threat landscape, and the evolving technology landscape within the healthcare sector would require an iterative threat analysis approach to ensure their cyber security strategy remains current with trends and continues to protect their information and human capital.

The Approach

Baseline Analysis

MNP’s first step was to establish a baseline measurement of the client’s general cyber security preparedness. They reviewed their current cyber security controls and determined where deficiencies existed.

MNP then presented their findings to the executive on specific threats to their operations, general threats within the healthcare sector, and a broader context of the hardware and managed service solutions needed to secure the client’s computing environment.

Deficiency Rectification Analysis

MNP conducted the second phase of the Maturity Threat Analysis after the client had time to implement some of the recommendations. MNP followed the same approach as their baseline analysis, this time looking for changes in the client’s threat profile indicative of an improved cyber security posture along with other potential threats that may not have appeared originally.

The Result

The baseline analysis and deficiency rectification analysis allowed MNP’s team to design a more tailored risk management plan for the client – protecting their patients and staff and allowing them to move forward with confidence even as threats and tactics evolve.