City of Ottawa

The data roadmap to Smart City initiatives – developing a digital services strategy and data analytics strategy to guide decision making. 

The Challenge

The City of Ottawa wanted to invest heavily in Smart City initiatives, but the City’s approach to innovation was siloed by department and focused heavily on operational improvements versus a desired move to digital services and innovation.

The Approach

The City worked with the Information and Communications Technology sector, businesses, Invest Ottawa – its economic development agency, academia and many others to create its Smart Cities 2.0 Strategy, a multi-year roadmap of priorities and investments for innovation. The goal was to improve access to City services by leveraging and rapidly piloting new technologies using a common platform. Their strategy focused on three key themes: delivering a mobile client experience, developing analytics driven and responsive operations and building intelligent infrastructure. 

To help guide their decision-making and find areas that will have the largest impact for citizens, the City worked closely with MNP to develop a Digital Services Strategy and Data Analytics Strategy. 

The Result

The Digital Service Strategy in combination with the Data Analytics Strategy allows the City to confidently make impactful and efficient investment decisions. Their path to innovation is clear and the City is in process with implementing new digital solutions for Elected Officials, By-Laws and Regulatory Services, Community and Social Services, Public Information and Media Relations, Public Health on a new digital cloud platform.