Financial Services Compliance Solutions Provider

A deeper dive into cyber security threats by conducting a series of Maturity and Threat Analyses on existing cyber security controls.

This leading financial services compliance solutions provider engaged MNP in late 2015 to conduct a series of two Maturity and Threat Analyses on their existing cyber security controls.

The Challenge

The client’s Chief Information Security Officer had several suspicions of where the business was vulnerable to attack, but wanted confirmation from a knowledgeable third-party before making any sweeping changes.

The Approach

Baseline Analysis

The first thing we did was set up a discovery meeting to establish a baseline for the client’s existing cyber security architecture – outlining where they were at the time, where they wanted to be, and where the potential gaps were that needed to be filled.

As it turned out, their intuition had been right – based on the current threats in the marketplace and the gaps in their protection. We offered several recommendations and areas to focus on for improvement.

Deep Dive

A year and a half later, we returned to complete a second, more thorough top-to-bottom assessment of the client’s security architecture. Treating the process like an audit of their infrastructure, controls, and employee behaviors, we selected the most critical items from our first engagement and developed a robust 360-degree view of how well defended their business would be against a wide range of potential threats.

The Result

MNP developed a report of our findings and presented the information and further recommendations to the organization’s budgetary committee. This would allow them to make the best possible investments, given the unique risks within their industry and their exposure as an organization.