Information Technology Shared Services Provider

MNP helps information technology services provider remain PCI compliant through potential system threat analysis.

This information technology shared services provider is focused on delivering all facets of digital solutions to a Crown corporation. They initially engaged MNP to perform a Maturity Threat Analysis as part of their annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

The Challenge

During MNP’s initial consultation, the client explained they were not satisfied with merely meeting baseline standards. They wanted to ensure their security infrastructure would be as robust as possible.

They also revealed a unique business problem: As their focus spans across several industries, they worried their threat exposure may vary across each vertical. They were keen to understand if and how threats would change between the transportation, retail and information management arms of their business.

The Approach

MNP’s industry insights allowed us to highlight notable differences across the client’s business segments. We conducted three different analyses to discover potential systems compromises across each distinct threat vector. This enabled the client to most effectively structure their cyber security strategy to provide protection against all relevant threats.

The Result

MNP’s analyses created datasets that allowed them to develop an action plan uniquely tailored to the client’s multi-sector exposure. With this insight, the client was able to shift focus and zero in on the most vulnerable areas of their business.

A follow-up Maturity Threat Assessment is expected to determine what effect the client’s subsequent action plan has had in mitigating their overall breach exposure.