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Non-profit organization transforms donor management with a customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution


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Kids Up Front is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide access to arts, culture, and sport for children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate. The organization relies on a comprehensive program of sponsorship and fundraising to provide these opportunities — and needed to align its IT strategy more closely with its business objectives.

Services provided

  • IT strategy
  • CRM infrastructure
  • Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Change management
  • Migration implementation
  • Digital strategy

The challenge

Kids Up Front needed to resolve challenges with its historical donor tracking to improve its donation reporting, program reporting, and gain more value from its system. The current system relied on manual and human-driven processes that lacked structure and systematic direction. Additionally, the organization’s ticket distribution system was inefficient and left room for error. It required significant investments of time and resources to ensure the system was functioning, leading to issues with tax receipt reconciliation. The organization contacted MNP Digital to establish a new CRM infrastructure based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 software to enhance its donor management.

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MNP Digital came highly recommended to us by another Microsoft partner. We were looking for a partner with extensive experience and proven success in customizing Dynamics 365. Our budget left little room for error, and we needed to get it right the first time. MNP Digital listened to our requirements carefully and were able to translate it exactly as we needed.

– Nicky Nash, Executive Director of Kids Up Front

The approach

MNP Digital sat down to understand the unique needs of Kids Up Front before proposing a customized solution to support their requirements for donor management. This tailored solution would extend the out-of-the-box software by developing a ticket and donor processing function based on Dynamics 365 for Sales. This extension to Dynamics 365 would provide the specific business functions that the organization needed to manage its fundraising effectively.

Over the coming months, MNP Digital reimagined the donor and ticket management systems of Kids Up Front through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure cloud. was utilized throughout the process to provide user training and support to Kids Up Front employees. Additionally, new dashboards and advanced find reports were implemented with the support of internal super-users, providing an immediacy and depth of data that had been lacking in the previous system.

The result

The implementation of Microsoft 365 enhanced the communication and collaboration of Kids Up Front across the country. The new donor system helped to identify new opportunities with national corporations that may have donated in some cities but not others, providing a level of transparency that wasn’t there before.

Additionally, new visibility into accounts and projects helped the non-profit organization mitigate the duplication of its digital marketing efforts. The integrated nature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 also enabled Kids Up Front to streamline the process of reconciling tax receipts for donors. The decreased need for manual intervention reduced both errors and risks from this process.

Microsoft 365 also enabled greater segmentation of the supporter database for the organization and supported Kids Up Front to deliver more targeted stewardship messaging. This helped to enhance its digital strategy, increase donations and event participation across Canada, and allowed Kids Up Front to get closer to its supporters. Kids Up Front has since partnered with MNP Digital for ongoing tech support.

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We moved from having independent systems that didn’t talk to one another to a suite of products that work together. The possibilities are endless.

– Nicky Nash, Executive Director of Kids Up Front

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