Mattamy Homes

A new responsive website nearly doubles traffic and engagement for Mattamy Homes leveraging Sitecore platform.

When Mattamy Homes was at risk of not meeting their deadline for a new website on the Sitecore platform, MNP stepped in to deliver a world-class responsive website in a short timeframe.

We recognized tasks had to be executed with a high degree of overlap given the urgency of the project, so we used a tightly run, iterative, and collaborative approach to move the project along a successful path to completion.

The Challenge

Time was extremely limited – Mattamy’s launch date was just over six months away, and it was important the new responsive site be delivered on schedule. Results had to reflect the same thoughtfulness and attention to detail that Mattamy applies to their homes and communities.

Our Approach

MNP’s team quickly got up to speed and collaborated closely with Mattamy’s branding agency, starting over on the user experience design for visually stunning results to inspire home buyers.

Important features included:

  • Integration with Mattamy’s email marketing platform (Eloqua)
  • Personalization for first-time visitors, providing localized, relevant information
  • A platform that would empower stakeholders to make changes to content

The Results

In just over six months, the team delivered a world-class responsive website on time, with immediate positive internal and external results, including:

  • +72% Unique Visitors
  • +78% Pageviews
  • +43% Average Session Duration
  • -30% Bounce Rate
  • 900% increase in platform adoption
  • 192% increase in mobile sessions
  • Reduction of Marketing requests to IT group