Mr. Lube

Enhancing Mr. Lube’s customer service capabilities by building quality custom applications and streamlining CRM data sharing.

After decades of steady growth, Mr. Lube needed to scale their current IT infrastructure to meet the capacity their business demanded. Maintaining this level of expertise internally wasn’t cost-effective. To solve the staffing and skills gap, Mr. Lube turned to MNP.

Using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, the team developed a new business intelligence dashboard, and delivered a suite of reports allowing Mr. Lube’s executives to interact with their sales data in real-time.

Challenge #1

Mr. Lube is investing heavily in new product lines at their stores. To build customer trust, and ensure vehicles get the services they need, Mr. Lube implemented a system known as the Electronic Owners Manual (EOM). Based on the current odometer reading, and vehicle service history, this system displays services already performed on a vehicle as green bars, required services coming up as yellow bars, and overdue services as red bars. MNP was asked to build a new reporting system for the EOM system that allowed franchisees to understand how this new tool was being accepted by customers and staff to increase customer trust and Mr. Lube’s bottom line.

The Approach

The team:

  • Delivered a suite of reports to help franchisees and store managers understand store’s effectiveness at presenting the owner’s manual info to customers and the impact on sales
  • Layered atop Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, we built a new business intelligence dashboard to let executives quickly interact with their sales data

Challenge #2

Mr. Lube also needed to enhance their email marketing program to provide more timely and targeted communications with customers, updating them on the growing list of products and services. MNP was asked to design and implement a variety of ETL import and export scripts and a series of database and application modifications to synchronize customer data between the Mr. Lube database and the new CRM platform. A key component of this project was also to ensure that CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) requirements were being met.

The Approach

The team:

  • Created a suite of SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages to manage the transfer of customer data between the new Mr. Lube CRM and their database.
  • Enhanced the existing custom application suite to accommodate CASL regulations and allow for seamless data flow to the CRM.

The Result

The solution of Mr. Lube’s seamless integration with the CRM resulted in a high-quality, personalized service available to more than 1.6 million active Club members. Red bar reporting created a stronger connection between franchises and their customers, increasing return visits and increasing customer trust. In addition, the custom business intelligence dashboard helped Mr. Lube’s leadership to quickly assess sales data and make smarter, more informed business decisions.

“[MNP] is a trusted IT partner at Mr. Lube. They offer us scalable IT resources and consistently deliver high quality solutions. We’ve depended on [MNP] for six years now and they have never let us down.”

– Pamela Lee, CFO