Office Supplies Provider

Firewall architecture and implementation leads to increased stability and efficiency, as well as a more secure network environment.

In reviewing their cyber security infrastructure, this leading office supplies provider determined their firewall hardware was approaching the end of its lifespan. After evaluating several potential replacement options, they decided to re-architect from a standalone firewall to a cluster architecture, which would provide the most up-to-date technology, improved support, additional network capacity, and significantly improved information security.

Based on a trusted, long-term relationship, previous experience in their cyber security environment, and expertise with the desired solution, the client engaged MNP to perform the work.

The Challenge

As a large, multifaceted organization, implementing the new solution for the client would not be as simple as removing the old firewall and setting up the new infrastructure. Rather, it would require a methodical and stepwise approach to ensure seamless integration, maximal effectiveness, and minimal downtime.

End of Life Support

Because the old firewall hardware had reached the end of its lifespan, the manufacturer no longer provided system support. MNP would need to provide the technical maintenance and systems operations expertise to ensure a continuity of cyber security protection and network reliability throughout the implementation of the new architecture.

Capacity Building

For the new cluster architecture and its features and functions to effectively support the client’s needs, MNP would need to ensure the stability, efficiency, and computing power of the business’s network and technology infrastructure, as well as strategize, suggest and provide upgrades where necessary.

Phased Installation

To minimize downtime and guarantee continuity of service throughout the installation process required a three-phased installation. First, MNP would need to upgrade and cluster the corporate environment firewall. The same process would then need to be mirrored for their second data centre and then again for their payment card industry (PCI) environment. Due to the geographical, time, and business constraints involved, this would require significant coordination and planning to ensure minimal business impact while still maintaining timelines and guaranteeing an effective architecture launch.

The Approach

MNP provided the client with the architecture to implementation and integration services to facilitate the upgrade to a new firewall solution.

Architecture Understanding

The client’s business and technology requirements enabled MNP to develop a customized, scalable firewall architecture to support their growing business. This included assistance with technology selection and developing a plan to seamlessly integrate the solution.


MNP created a comprehensive, effective work plan that minimized service disruptions.

Project Management and Implementation

An MNP project manager oversaw every step of the implementation, including scheduling and coordinating resources, managing the project timelines, and communications to stakeholders.

The Result

Completion of this project resulted in the client receiving a stable, up-to-date, and secure network environment that effectively supports their current and future business needs. MNP continues to perform system upgrades, maintenance, and introduce new features as they become available. This will maximize the effectiveness of the solution, meet their growing requirements, and extend the lifecycle of the client’s new cyber security architecture for the next five years or more.