Reinhart Foods

Implementing Sage X3 for production, orders, forecasts, and safety stock efficiencies and predictive support.

The Challenge

Before implementing Sage X3, Reinhart Foods utilized Excel spreadsheets for scheduling production and QA processes. This included all scheduled ordering in their supply chain, representing a substantial risk to the organization as one person was responsible for managing the supply chain and spreadsheets. 

Reinhart Foods also wanted its reporting structure to be used for more than publishing financial statements, as they required it to be used as a management tool as well. They also needed the ability to rearrange and reforecast their financial statements.

The Approach

As Reinhart started searching for a solution, one of the criteria (specific functionality) that they insisted on was an integrated MRP system for planning scheduling, runs, capacity, and forecast. Sage X3 was able to achieve this and more.

The Result

The change to Sage X3 has had a positive impact on the company. Reinhart Foods is clear in communicating that putting in a new system is a journey, not a destination. They view the first year as one of investment. The second year is about taking it beyond where they were. 

  • Implementation was achieved over a seven month period.
  • Exploratory work allowed for a more efficient way to structure the system.
  • Staff are fully trained and educated in the software.
“Kerry’s knowledge was exceptional. He is very, very familiar with the product. He had a lot of really good ideas about how to handle things. His knowledge really does rival those even from Sage. He was always there, pretty much from the get-go, helping us brainstorm ideas and work through problems and work through solutions. He was absolutely essential to the team. … His background and knowledge of the product is very, very deep. We probably would not have been nearly as successful without him.”
-Tony Hum, Vice President of Finance.