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One of Canada’s largest mining companies with operations across North and South America, Teck Resources focuses on long-term sustainability, responsible operations, and advancing innovation. As part of that growth-oriented vision, Teck had ambitions for enabling their workforce as “digital makers” – using low-code development to rapidly bring essential applications into production and update them on-demand as needed.

Services provided

  • Technical advisory
  • Workshop, hackathon, and training session facilitation
  • Center of Excellence toolkit and framework
  • Governance development
  • Digital enablement playbook development
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The challenge

With a strong vision for the technology and fundamental roles in place to forge ahead, Teck needed assistance scaling and accelerating their efforts. Not just looking for someone to provide standardized training, Teck wanted a partner with expert resources that would take the time required to understand their unique needs, history, and progress to date, without trying to force them into a cookie-cutter solution. With Microsoft’s Power Platform already in place as their chosen low-code platform, their partner would also need to be hands-on, certified experts in order to maximize their time together and create tangible outcomes.

While the roadmap was clear to Teck, their largest self-assessed gap was a better understanding in how to enable, activate, and scale their digital makers.

After an in-depth exploration for a strategic partner to help guide them on their journey, Teck began collaborating with MNP to move their digital makers from a position of solving business problems with email and Excel spreadsheets to creating apps and automations using the Power Platform (leveraging solutions like Cloud Flows).

MNP’s specialized Power Platform enablement services were paramount in Teck’s decision to partner with them for this critical initiative.

MNP Digital RPA Services

The approach

Separated into three distinct phases based on the logical flow of Teck’s needs and requirements, the two teams collaboratively mapped priorities with the aim of delivering a very custom enablement approach that was aligned with the vision Teck had for low-code and automation within the Microsoft Power Platform.

Phase 1 focused on establishing the fundamentals, with emphasis on practice and enablement. Specific activities included the development of:

  • A Center of Excellence toolkit and framework
  • Internal governance practices
  • Technical advisory collaboration

Phase 2 focused on practice definitions and awareness development within Teck. Specific activities included:

  • Ramp up adoption through training, lunch and leans, hackathon events, office hours, and general enablement
  • Continued, dedicated enablement through technical advisory and one-to-one consulting

Finally, phase 3 was all about scaling and elevating performance. Specific activities included:

  • A dedicated push to enhanced adoption growth and acceleration with the digital makers, creating clear journey plans for individuals to grow their skills and generate real, ongoing value
  • The development of a “Digital Enablement Playbook” which defined strategic goals and created metrics to track performance and value

Each phase required close collaboration between the two teams, ensuring the pacing of training, the advancement of the learning curve, and resources available to the digital makers were all coordinated.

MNP Digital COE Framework

The result

The success of this mutually beneficial partnership can be directly attributed to the mutual respect and balanced relationship between Teck and MNP. It was that trust in MNP to take care of the fundamentals of adoptions that has enabled the core Teck team to focus on the delivery of valuable internal solutions and larger strategic initiatives.

With their foundation set, Teck Resources continues to mature their enablement effort, continuously training new digital makers and evolving the skills of their current digital makes. The program has attracted great attention across the organization, with Teck’s CIO presenting its value and potential to the leadership team.

As of November 2022:

  • Number of makers – 144% (year-over-year maker growth)
  • Number of apps – 1,735 (114% year-over-year growth)
  • Number of cloud flows – 4,421 (104% year-over-year growth)
  • MNP delivered 23 In-a-Day, Office Hours, Hackathon, and Lunch & Learn sessions
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Through the support and collaboration with MNP Digital to help us launch our citizen development practice (We call it ‘Digital DiY’) we were able to get to the adoption tipping point in a compressed timeline. I look forward to the next phase as we scale and embed the capabilities of the Power Platform to achieve greater levels of empowerment, agility, and innovation with our Digital Makers.

– Jorge Obregon, Engagement Lead, Power Platform, Teck Resources

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