Leveraging an embedded development pod model to accelerate real-time 3D solutions


Unity Hub

Unity is the world’s leading platform for real-time content creation for all industries from games to energy to film. Having grown substantially over the past two decades, they have become the standard for creating interactive and immersive experiences. That ever-developing ecosystem and the rate the company is scaling meant additional resources were constantly needed.

Services provided

  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Writing
  • Back End and Front End Development
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science/AI/ML
  • Platform Implementation
  • User Experience Design

The challenge

Unity has been scaling its products and services across industries and across the globe, including several high-profile acquisitions. Operating in a very competitive tech market, Unity was looking to augment their current team with extra personnel, but a standard staff augmentation solution posed too many risks for what they required. They were looking to scale with a group that had a similar values, highly skilled people and cultural alignment. MNP Digital was a perfect fit.

As a trusted partner that has demonstrated capabilities delivering innovation and transformation projects, MNP was brought in to provide that ongoing development support.

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MNP Digital has been a trusted partner with Unity Solutions for many years. Their technical expertise, business focus and core values complemented Unity well and enabled our project teams to hit the ground running and deliver incredible value to our clients.

– Tim Wong, Head of Program Management, Unity Accelerate Solutions

The solution

MNP provided Unity with access to a ‘development pod’ – a talent pool of senior MNP resources that could be called upon when needed for projects. Taking an embedded team approach, the pod was built to provide end-to-end delivery that could work autonomously if required, with data scientists, data engineers, developers, project managers, product owners, user experience designers, and quality assurance resources all available on retainer. This gave Unity the flexibility they needed to accelerate multiple initiatives at once.

How is MNP’s embedded team model different than regular staff augmentation?

Embedded Team Benefits

This development pod provides also transfers knowledge to Unity over time, building up their internal team while completing many projects in parallel. Scalable and able to produce outputs at different stages across all efforts, it’s an approach that is repeatable for organizations of all sizes.

MNP Embedded Model

Collaboration, agility, and continuous learning are at the heart of the development pod, working side-by-side to deliver continuous business value.

The result

Having built a successful long-term relationship, Unity and MNP continue to successfully partner on projects across a variety of industries, with some of their most impactful solutions being for large energy and utility companies. With many more engagements on the horizon, MNP’s embedded development pod provides the leadership and delivery expertise that Unity requires.

Development pod highlights include:

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