Smarter than AI

What is artificial intelligence…
and what is it capable of?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing fields of technology that are creeping into every facet of our life. In our show, we cover complex, sometimes scary, but always fascinating topics that impact all of us – from work, to play, to pop culture and live-saving science.

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Smarter Than AI

The Evolution of AI

Can machines think? For over a half-century, science fiction has embraced the tropes – and embellished the more colorful aspects of intelligent machines. In doing so, they also brought the concept of non-deterministic, self-teaching algorithms into the mainstream. Sometimes they are characterized as benevolent, other times they have been seen as a force hell bent on the destruction of humanity. In this episode, we take a dive dive into the actual history of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, separating the facts from the fiction.

Ethics in AI

No system is perfect. Neither is AI. As humankind advances, we continually delegate more and more of our lives to machines. We trust them to make the right decisions, because time is valuable and they are efficient. But what are the ramifications? What happens when people are treated unfairly because of the decisions made by systems incapable of compassion? Join us as we discuss the moral implications of AI, and the effect it has on the human condition.

Hype vs. Reality

Our pilot episode aims to introduce the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; we start our journey by separating the hype from reality. From the start, our hosts demystify popular topics in the world of AI today – such as self driving cars and robotics. Listen as Kaustubh and Jason discuss some common uses of Machine Learning in our daily lives, be it Netflix, iRobot or automated vacuums.

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