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Playbook: Everything you need to know to reduce your risk of a cyber breach

The stakes are high for Canadian businesses. A well-targeted attack can cripple or permanently destroy a small to medium-sized enterprise. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the severity and cost of a cyber incident.
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11MNP Digital Cyber Awareness whitepaper

The perfect storm: Why cyber awareness is more important than ever

This whitepaper will help you understand the steps you can take to assess your current vulnerabilities and how to mitigate cyber risks.
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11Cyber whitepaper

Increased cyber risks in an age of digital transformation

This whitepaper will help you recognize the cybersecurity threats that are out there, and the steps you can take to mitigate that risk.
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How practice owners and partners can reduce their cyber risks

Embracing these four mindsets in your practice management will ensure you’re prepared for a cyber attack.
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Business recovery planning is essential. Why do few organizations have it in place?

You’ve done everything in your power to prevent a cyber attack. But what if that’s not good enough?
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Managing your organization’s third-party cyber risks

Today, cyber security risks are well known and widely recognized – but you may be more at risk than you know.
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A cyber security roadmap for boards of directors

Boards are the first line of defense for organizations facing a growing number of increasingly sophisticated cyber and privacy threats. The steps you take right now can make or break your enterprise in the years to come.
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Personal identifiable information (PII) explained

If data is the diesel that powers today’s economic engine, personal identifiable information (PII) is the rocket fuel launching it to stratospheric heights.
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Feds to overhaul Canada’s federal data privacy law

Time to update your data privacy and security to align with tough new legislation mandated by the federal government of Canada.
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Effective risk mitigation: Internal audit and cyber security & privacy

With data becoming an organization’s most valuable asset, it has also become its most vulnerable.
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