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Private Equity Whitepaper

Leveraging technology and the right financial management system in private equity

This whitepaper will help you identify if your private equity firm’s current financial management system is outdated and how you can update to a more modern solution.
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Boy looking under bed with flashlight

Merger & acquisition digital diligence a priority in private equity

Reveal vital information and prepare for success by conducting buy-side technology due diligence prior to a merger and acquisition.
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Technician looking at tablet in industrial setting

Supporting your field service with cloud ERP software

How are field service management and cloud ERP software connected? One helps the other increase customer satisfaction. Can you guess which one? Read on.
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Accurately track assets and income in Indigenous communities

Track assets with a specially crafted solution, and establish an accurate framework for your community’s success.
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Two people business planning with laptop and papers

FP&A: Forecast risks and determine effective solutions with confidence

Access financial data and analytics to create a strategy. We can’t control the future, but we can prepare for it.
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Construction site, workers looking at plans and tablet

The service fleet dilemma in real estate & construction

Inefficiencies in fleet service management present unique challenges, yet ERP solutions propose lucrative answers.
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Man working on laptop at construction site

How cloud platforms are upgrading the construction industry

With advancements in technology-based construction and real estate solutions, many companies are distancing themselves from the pack.
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Abstract glass skyscraper with sky

Real estate & construction property tech: What you should know

The real estate industry is moving at a remarkable pace and the companies who adopt the latest tech will lead the pack.
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Calculating on colourful abacus

Optimizing the return on your ERP investment: Part 2

Methodologies behind ROI calculation consider revenue, risks, total organizational efficiency, and “hard-savings.”
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Business person working on laptop

Optimizing the return on your ERP investment: Part 1

Determine the ROI of an ERP solution with detailed analytics andeffectively reinvent operating models to influence growth.
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