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Real estate & construction property tech: What you should know

The real estate industry is moving at a remarkable pace and the companies who adopt the latest tech will lead the pack.
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Optimizing the return on your ERP investment: Part 2

Methodologies behind ROI calculation consider revenue, risks, total organizational efficiency, and “hard-savings.”
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Optimizing the return on your ERP investment: Part 1

Determine the ROI of an ERP solution with detailed analytics andeffectively reinvent operating models to influence growth.
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Farm to Fork Whitepaper

Farm to fork – solving the traceability challenge

This whitepaper will help you understand traceability and how it can support a stronger, more resilient supply chain.
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How to transition from “survival mode” and grow

Innovative tools are vital as Canadian businesses transition from“survival mode” to growth in unpredictable markets.
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Second-wave fears are driving businesses to adopt cloud ERP platforms

Cloud-based ERP solutions are fast becoming a critical tool to provide real-time insights and help businesses rapidly adapt to changing conditions.
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Digital Platform Shift for Mid-Market Organizations Whitepaper

The digital platform shift for mid-market organizations

Key factors to consider when selecting and implementing an ERP solution to support your organization’s strategic goals and operations.
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Talking digital transformation with Lisa Prentiss

MNP’s Lisa Prentiss joins The Business Owner Playbook podcast to discuss what we mean by “digital transformation” and how it has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Bringing the office to your team: Moving to a digital workplace

In the highly dynamic and extremely competitive manufacturing industry, it’s crucial to have an integrated software solution that will optimize efficiency, reduce costs and increase your sales and profitability.
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