person in a lab coat holding a tablet

How professionals can leverage data analytics to enhance efficiency and profitability

Using data that you already have, analytics can help professionals boost efficiency and meet their financial and operational goals in new ways.
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person typing on a laptop with lock and security icons

Planning for increased cyber risks in an age of digital transformation

Learn about expected increases in cyber crime and what you can do to protect yourself, your technology, and your consumers.
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People collaborating around a computer

How to gain control of your Microsoft Power Platform environment: People and governance

Who is using Microsoft Power Platform within your organization? Mitigate risks to your data by setting up a strong governance structure.
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two people reviewing documents

Benchmarking digital transformation across municipalities: MNP Digital Municipal Research Report

Where does your municipality rank in the journey toward digital transformation? This new report from MNP Digital outlines the challenges and opportunities ahead.
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person working on a construction site

A guide to cyber security safety in real estate and construction

Protecting against cyber security attacks is vital for any business that uses technology and it’s not as complicated as you might think.
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Person touching digital icons

What is ChatGPT and how can it be used?

Generative AI has exploded in popularity since ChatGPT arrived in late 2022. But how can you use this new suite of tools to help your...
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Two female doctors at a computer

A guide to Canada Digital Adoption Program funding in the health care space

CDAP offers a unique opportunity in the health care space for businesses to upgrade their technologies and plan for the future with the help of...
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person typing on a laptop with digital lights over the image

Risks and benefits of integrating ChatGPT, and other generative AI, into your business

It seems like the ultimate time and money saver, and while it can be, it’s important to get the whole picture before going all in.
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two people reviewing a test automation on a computer screen

Common sense coding: Test automation isn’t really that automated

When, where, and how test automation can be beneficial in bringing down cost, saving time and increasing efficiency. By examining an unsuccessful use case, it’s...
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Cloud computing

How does a cloud migration work?

Cloud computing can offer many benefits to your organization — but you need to understand how a cloud migration works before you begin your cloud...
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