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Second-wave fears are driving businesses to adopt cloud ERP platforms

Cloud-based ERP solutions are fast becoming a critical tool to provide real-time insights and help businesses rapidly adapt to changing conditions.
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Digitization of the construction industry

Moving to a cloud-based system can streamline company processes.
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Bringing the office to your team: Moving to a digital workplace

In the highly dynamic and extremely competitive manufacturing industry, it’s crucial to have an integrated software solution that will optimize efficiency, reduce costs and increase your...
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Knowledge mining with Azure Cognitive Search: 12 common questions

We’ve collected some of the more salient questions about Knowledge Mining on Azure into a single article for easy reference.
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5 Benefits of ERP software in the manufacturing industry

Why invest in an ERP solution for your business? We cover the top 5 reasons why it’s becoming more than a nice-to-have in manufacturing.
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Knowledge mining: Exploring what’s possible with your data

Extract valuable insights from your existing documents and data. Data-driven decision making is a competitive edge you can’t pass up.
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Evolving data governance through continuous improvement

Data has become the most important competitive advantage in our digitally-connected world – but many organizations shy away from governance.
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The DevOps Process Model: Security and privacy by design

Ignoring your DevOps process model may have serious consequences. Learn the four key areas that every organization must invest in.
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Using IoT data & predictive maintenance for capital asset optimization

Knowing how to future-proof your assets can be a challenge. Instead of reacting, it’s time to leverage predictive maintenance.
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