11MNP Digital RAC whitepaper

Harnessing digital applications in real estate & construction – whitepaper

In this whitepaper you will learn how to successfully employ an ERP solution in one of Canada’s most complex industries.
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11MNP Digital Cyber Awareness whitepaper

The perfect storm: Why cyber awareness is more important than ever

This whitepaper will help you understand the steps you can take to assess your current vulnerabilities and how to mitigate cyber risks.
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11Cyber whitepaper

Increased cyber risks in an age of digital transformation

This whitepaper will help you recognize the cybersecurity threats that are out there, and the steps you can take to mitigate that risk.
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11Private Equity Whitepaper

Leveraging technology and the right financial management system in private equity

This whitepaper will help you identify if your private equity firm’s current financial management system is outdated and how you can update to a more modern solution.
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11Business person on laptop with security graphic

Beyond regulation

Privacy demands while adapting to COVID-19 and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.
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11Farm to Fork Whitepaper

Farm to fork – solving the traceability challenge

This whitepaper will help you understand traceability and how it can support a stronger, more resilient supply chain.
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11Digital Platform Shift for Mid-Market Organizations Whitepaper

The digital platform shift for mid-market organizations

Key factors to consider when selecting and implementing an ERP solution to support your organization’s strategic goals and operations.
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11Printed brochure - Becoming a Smart Community Through Innovation

Your guide to becoming a Smart Community

From citizen engagement to service delivery, local governments are being asked to do more and adapt to modern technology.
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11Illustration code and head silhouettes

Effective risk mitigation: Internal audit and cyber security & privacy

With data becoming an organization’s most valuable asset, it has also become its most vulnerable.
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